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Trends 2017- Highcroft Apartments Simsbury

CT Builder Magazine - June 1, 2017

Again in Simsbury at Powder Forest, Ron Janeczko & Chris Nelson are developing Highcroft, which will be a mix of 224 luxury apartments, and 48 townhomes. Chris & Ron won Community of the Year last November for Highcroft Apt. Homes, which is a Low Impact Development with LED lighting and Craftsman style buildings. Read More

Mill Commons

Upside to Downsizing

Hartford Courant - March 10, 2017

Within its first year of completion, Mill Commons became an award-winning community and then some. Its planned neighborhood development, The Mill at Hop Brook, Mill Pond Crossing Townhomes, and Mill Commons Apartment Homes, by the Landworks Development / Nelson Construction team, swept six HOBI Awards including being named "Community of the Year" for Connecticut. Read More


Simsbury-Voted Top 10 Best Places to Live In America

Money Magazine - August 13, 2015

Simsbury Locals will tell you that premier public schools are the main draw to this quiet colonial village nestled in Connecticut’s Farmington Valley. A recent report on international education showed that students scored above average in every test category. Almost 75% of high school seniors complete at least one college-level course, and 93% of graduates pursue higher education. Read more about why Simsbury is Top 10 Best Places to Live.

Carson Way

Property of the Week: Carson Way in Simsbury
Hartford Courant — Property of the Week  October 2, 2015
Now there is another reason to take a look at Carson Way, a community of 74 single-family homes in Simsbury. Not only does it offer a carefree lifestyle – the association will take care of the leaves and snow – the town in which it is located has been named one of Money Magazine’s 50 best small cities in the nation for 2015. Continue to read more: Property of the Week

Mill Pond Crossing

Property of the Week — Mill Pond Crossing in Simsbury
Hartford Courant — Property of the Week  April 10, 2015
Walkability and a carefree lifestyle have been drawing buyers to Mill Pond Crossing townhouses in Simsbury. Now the community is offering a new design that expands bedroom space, making its floor plans even more attractive.  Continue to read more:  "Mill Pond Crossing in Simsbury".
Mill Pond Crossing

Property of the Week — Carson Way in Simsbury
Hartford Courant — Property of the Week  May 22, 2014
Carson Way, a planned community for all ages in Simsbury, incorporates traditional elements with a modern twist, inside and out. Continue to read more:  "Carson Way in Simsbury".

Property of the Week — Mill Pond Crossing in Simsbury
Hartford Courant — Property of the Week  April 8, 2014
Walkability and a carefree lifestyle are just two of the advantages that Mill Pond Crossing offers those who move into one of 20 townhomes currently under construction off West Street in Simsbury.
Continue to read more: "Mill Pond Crossing in Simsbury".

Landworks Development Wins Six Hobi Awards for Smart Growth Community —The Mill at Hop Brook
Simsbury, Connecticut December 11, 2013
Mill Commons LLC, comprised of Landworks and Nelson Construction, the developers of smart growth communities—including the newly designed The Mill at Hop Brook in Simsbury, CT—announced that they received six HOBI awards sponsored by Homebuilders and Remodelers Association (HBRA) of Connecticut, including 2013 Community of the Year. Continue to read more: Hobi Awards

Mill Park Apartments

Property of the Week: Mill Pond Commons in Simsbury — Modern Living in a Village Setting
Hartford Courant — Property of the Week  January 15, 2013
Along West Street in Simsbury lies a historic 1680 mill. It has undergone many transformations over the years, from processing grain and lumber for the townspeople of Simsbury to spinning hemp used in safety fuses made by the renowned Ensign-Bickford Company. In its newest incarnation, the mill will serve as the heart of a mixed-use development surrounding the luxury apartments at Mill Commons. Continue to read more: Property of the Week

Mill Pond

Connecticut Builder Magazine: The Mill at Hopbrook Gets a New Lease on Life
Copyright, 2013, Connecticut Builder
On June 20th, sixty builders, suppliers and realtors attended a fascinating Sales & Marketing Council meeting hosted by Chris Nelson and Ron Janeczko at their outstanding new mixed use development, The Mill at Hop Brook in Simsbury.  Continue to read more: An innovative mixed use project in Simsbury, CT.

Tyler Anderson

Comfort Food Kept Sophistically Simple
By Rand Richards Cooper, October 12, 2012 Copyright, 2012, New York Times
WHAT kind of dining experience would you expect to have in a restaurant serving corn chowder, pork and beans, and fried chicken with watermelon? Almost certainly not what you get at Millwright’s, where Tyler Anderson offers a brashly elegant take on these and other homey American classics. Continue to read more: Comfort Food

Millwright's Restaurant & Tavern
By Spencer Caldwell, Copyright, 2012, Hartford Magazine
Millwright’s service operates on a higher plane from that of most establishments, not surprising in a restaurant Anderson describes as being built on a foundation of respect and positivity (which, of course, comes from the top). Continue to read more: Millwright's Restaurant

The Mill at Hop Brook Readies for Opening, First with a Restaurant 
By Alicia B. Smith, May 25, 2012, Copyright, 2012, Simsbury Life
Chef Tyler Anderson’s new kitchen was nothing but lines drawn on an architectural rendering. But the chef was patient, knowing that in a few weeks, those drawings would become a fully functional kitchen in his latest culinary venture, Millwright’s Restaurant.  Continue to read more: Recipe for Success

Celeb Chef Tyler Anderson To Open Restaurant In Simsbury
By MaryEllen Fillo, March 21, 2012, Copyright, 2012, The Hartford Courant
Connecticut celebrity chef Tyler Anderson is leaving his job at Ivoryton’s The Copper Beech Inn to open his own restaurant in Simsbury.  Continue to read more: Celeb Chef Tyler Anderson

Grist Mill Commons

Mill Commons Project Construction Underway
By Hillary Federico, April 3, 2012, Copyright, 2012, The Hartford Courant
Construction work at Mill Commons is progressing steadily, with site work for 88 luxury apartments already underway and the paving of the parking lot outside the old grist mill expected later this month.   Continue to read more: Mill Commons Construction Underway

Construction Starts Ahead Of Time At Grist Mill Commons In Simsbury
By Hillary Federico, January 31, 2012, The Hartford Courant  
Construction work at Grist Mill Commons, the first development to be built using the new “planned area” zoning regulation, has started months ahead of time thanks to this year’s unseasonably warm, dry weather.  Continue to read more Construction Starts Ahead Of Time.

Bradford Walk - Stunning and Storm Proof Townhouses

Bradford Walk — Stunning and Storm-Proof Townhouses
By Tony Bacewicz, Copyright © 2011,The Hartford Courant  
Getting household power in the aftermath of winter storm Alfred was easy for residents of Bradford Walk. It was as simple as turning on a switch. Unlike the nearly one million homes in Connecticut that went dark and cold when power lines came down, not one townhouse resident at Bradford Walk lost power during the storm emergency. Continue to read more "Stunning and Storm-Proof Townhouses".

Easy Living at Bradford Walk

Easy Living at Bradford Walk, Farmington, CT
By Margaret DeMarino, April 2011, The Hartford Courant 
The fire was roaring in the oversized clubhouse living room at Bradford Walk and developer Ron Janeczko of Landworks Development LLC looked like he could be relaxing on vacation at a ski lodge.   Continue to read more "Easy living at Bradford Walk".

Last Call: Full Steam Ahead at Bradford Walk
By Nell Patch, 2010, The Hartford Courant 
The better half of August is over, but at Bradford Walk, on the Farmington-New Britain line, things seem fresh and strikingly spring-like. Maybe it’s the legions of still-blooming flowers that wrap the townhouses, or the deep green aprons of lawn between the buildings. Continue to read more "Bradford Walk: Last Call".

Hop Brook

Development of historic grist mill is subject of hearing
By BARBARA THOMAS  Published: Friday, July 02, 2010 ©
Foothills Media Group
SIMSBURY — A restaurant may once again occupy the historic grist mill on West Street, and new housing might be constructed on the other side of Hop Brook. Such are two features of a potential mixed-use development at 75-77 West St. and Lots 19 and 24 on Grist Mill Road. A total of about 20 acres would be developed. Continue and read more "Development of historic grist mill is subject of hearing".  Coming Soon — Hop Brook,  Simsbury, Connecticut

Somersby - A Lovely Neighborhood

Somersby — A Lovely Neighborhood

By NELL PACH  © 2010, The Hartford Courant
You wonder on the drive in, looking for Somersby Way, how exactly a new subdivision will fit into this landscape. Probably not at all, you’re thinking - this is Farmington at its most pastoral: open fields; an eponymous farm with produce stand, greenhouse and grazing horse; stately older houses set back from the road among old trees. A development is bound to stick out, you think. And then you almost miss the entrance.  Continue to read more "Somersby — A Lovely Neighborhood."

Bradford Walk
Bradford Walk — Simply Beautiful
By JAMES ALEXANDER Copyright © 2010,The Hartford Courant
It has long been recognized that good home design adds far more value than cost to a building project. Far from increasing cost, good design can actually make homes more affordable, as well as far more pleasant and desirable. Continue to read more “Bradford Walk — Simply Beautiful”.

Lots Of Space, Tight-knit Community
By LUCY CLARK Copyright © 2009, The Hartford Courant
"People really love it here," developer Ron Janeczko says of Bradford Walk, an award-winning community of townhouses located on the Farmington - New Britain border. Janeczko and Chris Nelson, partners in Landworks Development, LLC, have started construction on the last 15 units of the 151-unit complex.“We’re sold out of stock except for two (finished) units,: says Janeczko, who is optimistic about the market for the final phase of the development. His position is an enviable one for a developer in a slow housing market. Continue to read more  "Lots of Space, Tight-knit Community".

Landworks Development gives Land to Town of Farmington
Press Release February 28, 2008,  Landworks Development, 340 Main Street, Farmington Connecticut

FARMINGTON - The town may soon expand its open space if residents agree to accept a gift of property from a local developer.  Landworks Development LLC hopes to donate 4.5 acres to the town, pending a public hearing scheduled for March 11.  Continue to read more Landworks Development Gives Land.

Starry Nights and Halcyon Days
By JOAN WALDEN Copyright © 2008, The Hartford Courant
Glistening stars figure large in the winter holidays of every faith. For 2008-09 they are gleaming at Bradford Walk in Farmington and New Britain alongside that year-round stellar symbol known as EnergyStar. "The energy efficiency factor has blossomed," reports Ron Janeczko of Landworks Realty. Continue to read more "Starry Nights and Halcyon Days".

Bradford Walk — The Best Of Everything (for Real)
By JOAN WALDEN Copyright © 2007, The Hartford Courant
"Almost finished," are Ron Janeczko's first words as he begins to discuss the progress he and partner Chris Nelson have made on Bradford Walk. Construction began on the condominium community in 2004 and is now three-quarters complete. Bradford Walk will comprise 120 condominium homes in Farmington and 38 in New Britain - these will be known as Bradford Walk South. Only 12 in Farmington remain to be built; in New Britain, there are 21 more to be done. Continue to read more  "The Best of Everything (for Real)".

Two Inch Insulations

The Timeless Beauty Of Two-Inch Insulation
By JOAN WALDEN Copyright © 2008, The Hartford Courant
Long before utility prices began their skyward ascent, a Farmington Valley developer and builder were constructing surpassingly energy-efficient homes in communities such as Bradford Walk and Somersby. When EnergyStar was introduced, they were among the very first builders in Connecticut to sign up for the program. Continue to read more  "The Timeless Beauty of Two-Inch Insulation".

Hamilton Way wins EVHA Gold Award
(Energy Value Housing Award)
By JOAN WALDEN Copyright © 2008, The Hartford Courant
Nelson Construction had a "great deal of focus on the value of energy efficiency before, during, and after the sale of the home." This focus started by optimizing the efficiency of a traditional production home design through solar orientation and a systematic design process — and continued by applying this optimization to the entire neighborhood of 10 homes. Continue to read more "Hamilton Way wins EVHA".

Local Builder Wins National Energy Efficiency Award
Nelson Construction of Farmington, Connecticut, has been recognized by the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) Research Center as a leader in energy-efficient construction. As a winner of a 2010 Gold Energy Value Housing Award (EVHA), Nelson Construction has demonstrated a laudable commitment to building energy-efficient homes. Continue to read more "Local Builder Wins".

Landworks Realty

A Historic Renovation at 340 Main Street
By Ron Janeczko & Chris G. Nelson
The history of 340 Main Street in Farmington is deep and rich. The home was originally built by Timothy Wadsworth in 1795 with a main "body" and an "ell". 340 Main was one of the stops on the Underground Railroad, with hiding places in the attic and basement. Years ago the town erected a granite post with plaque on the front lawn commemorating the homes’ status as a stop on the "Freedom Trail" and so we utilized similar granite posts for our main and entry signs. Continue to read more about "A Historic Renovation".


Somersby — The Tradition Continues
Travel through its tree lined boulevard entrance, pass meandering stone walls and rustic split-rail fencing and discover an expansive landscape of 52 wooded home sites. Each is set on a winding country lane that ends in a quiet cul-de-sac. Continue to read more "Somersby — The Tradition Continues".

Building Better

Building Better …
As one of Connecticut's first Energy Star builders, the Landworks / Nelson Construction team continues to focus on excellent design, quality materials, and energy efficient construction. In a changing world of environmental awareness and rising energy costs we lead the way by building better homes.
Continue to read more "Building Better".